Helping Families Succeed

Share with us your story. We aim to understand your experiences, and your short and long-term needs so that you can be connected with the services that help you the most

Building Donor Relationships

We work with leading non-profit, corporate, and philanthropic donors to provide solutions that help them invest their resources wisely

Events and Fundraising

Full-service consulting to help get the most out of your fundraising initiatives

Offering You A More

Tailored SolutionHonest Service

Tailored Solution

The world of funding and grants can be full of challenging forms, hoops, and pre-requisites. Let us help you navigate it, so you can focus on what matters most.

We partner with you for as much of the journey as you need help with:

Step 1: Consult

Free Consultation to discuss if our services would help for your given situation

Step 2: Review

Deep Dive and Review your complete case, any documentation you have or funding you have qualified for in the past

Step 3: Create

We create a fully documented application package complete with your details, written in the appropriate language and level of detail so that you can be considered for the maximum appropriate funding for your situation

Step 4: Apply

We provide full-service handling of your application process, including submission, responding to any questions from agencies, and following up with additional details when necessary

Step 5: Win

You receive an increase in your current funding, or a new source of funding is added to your pool

Fee: $0 – 15 Min


We partner together

Fee: $85 – 2 Hours


You receive a formal report of our recommendations including which agencies and funding sources may be available to you

Fee: $275 Per Application


You receive fully documented, ready to submit application(s)

Fee: $150 Per Application


Your application(s) are submitted and processed

Fee: $0


Your funding is received or increased

Why Work With Us?

Up-front pricing, professional work, and a caring attitude

We are a local Canadian team that has been through the challenges and frustrations associated with every moment after someone is diagnosed with a disability. We aim to build a sense of calm to both sides of the funding lifecycle, whether you are a donor, or a client in need.


We’re Waiting To Help You

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